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Markus Pierson: The Unveiling


Markus Pierson: The Unveiling
Jul 9 – Aug 15, 2010

After almost 25 years of bringing collectors his famed "dogs in suits," Markus Pierson's affinity for creative expression has manifested itself in an entirely new body of work, which will be unveiled for the first time ever at Contessa Gallery. Having successfully represented the art of Markus Pierson for over a decade, we are proud to be the launching ground for yet another novel approach to his character. For all collectors and admirers of his works, this exhibition will no doubt prove to be a stunningly innovative and revolutionary turn in his career.

 Just as his life has evolved, so has Markus' unique vision: from a sometimes naive wide-eyed creature, his coyote has, in fact, developed into a thoughtful and wise philosopher. Through his latest works, Contessa Gallery is thrilled to celebrate the evolution of Markus Pierson's iconic style.