David Mitchell


David Mitchell Biography

B. 1964 -


Immersion into the artist’s abstracted and mesmerizing imagery of emotive collections like Linear, Diaphanous, and Anamnesis, may be equated to visually experiencing ambient sound; in much of Mitchell’s work he engages senses beyond sight. It may not be the factual world we envision through the artist’s eyes or lens, but what we experience through his introspective mind which is so compelling. He explores contrasts within which we find ourselves between definition and uncertainty; past, present and future; reality and the imaginary; even life and death. In his work these opposites coexist in a paranormal state as we are transported to a limbo where the unreal becomes real, the subliminal becomes obvious and disturbance becomes peripheral. In this semi-conscious disconnect he imposes; the amorphous becomes transformed to a clear and tranquil reality. He discloses a mysterious view from one plane to another with obscured atmosphere in between as if to create a dreamlike state or intentional ambiguity perhaps referencing an unclear memory or a dream in which reality and the imaginary converge.

“I am searching for those slow motion frames from the mislaid footage of our lives, those elongated experiences we lost or slept through, echoes of memories, something in the midst of personal history, the blinkered image, the half frame peep beyond the curtain, it’s almost audible; the sound of snow—slightly deaf in one eye”, says Mitchell.